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  • Why ProxEncoder®?


    The control environment is a nasty place, that's why the Joral ProxEncoder is totally encapsulated in epoxy. With an IP69k configuration that survives destructive conditions like submersion in hydraulic oil, deep sea salt water, dust control spray, or corrosive wash. 

    Multiple Options Available


    • Quadrature
    • CAN J1939
    • PWM
    • Analog
    • and more!


    • PE18 -  18mm Round
    • PE-BXF -  Face Sense Rectangle 
    • PE-BXS -  Side Sense Rectangle 


    • Aluminum
    • Stainless Steel
    • Plastic

    Built For Your Needs

    Customization of our sensors allows us to capture your creative needs. If you don't see what you need listed, shoot us an email! Joral LLC can custom design your hardware or software to maximize your solution.


    What is a ProxEncoder® Non-Contact Sensor?

    ProxEncoder®  Sensors  are devices used for detecting rotation - in the form factor of a sensor traditionally used for linear measurement.  As a Prox Switch made detecting linear motion simple - a ProxEncoder® Non-Contact Sensor makes sensing rotation simple.

    Form Factors

    • PE18 - 18mm Round
    • PE18 - BXF -  Face Sense Rectangle 
    • PE18 - BXS -  Side Sense Rectangle 

    Output Types

    Quadrature  64 standard PPR with index single ended push-pull driver

    Analog  0-90, 0-180, 0-360  .5-4.5 VDC  and  4-20 mA

    PWM Output Voltage and Current

    Ratiometric Output - Variable Resistance 0-10k

    J1939 with CAN Driver 8 sensors on a network

    LIN Bus Automotive 

    CAN with Can Driver 8 Sensors on a network 

    RS485 Modbus 32 sensors on a network soft address

    RS232 Multidrop Modbus

    USB with Modbus protocol 

    SSI via 485 driver

    1.4 degree resolution - 256 counts per revolution

    Custom Angles, Outputs  & Resolutions Available - Consult JORAL LLC

    ProxEncoder® Mounting Styles

    Classic Cylinder PE18

    The classic cylinder mount is quick and easy to install and adjust.  Industry standard mounting brackets for 18mm prox switches are available from Joral and a host of prox switch vendors. 

    Side Sense PE18 - BXS

    Square Side Sense allows the ProxEncoder® to be installed on a flat surface, with minimum depth off the end of the monitored shaft. 2 #10 cap screws retain the sensor to the mounting surface.

    Face Sense PE18 - BXF

    Square End Sense allows ProxEncoder® to be installed on a flat surface - with axial sensor placement to the monitored shaft. 2 #10 cap screws retain the sensor to the mounting surface.