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An Engineering Imagination Tool

Most engineering ideas happen after the designer is presented with a new concept and a little time to play 

and ponder goes by...

We wanted to facilitate that process. 

So we made a Proxencoder Engineering Demonstrator. 

We stripped the sensor down to the bare bones, and added a voltmeter and a battery to a 3D-printed holder.

This produced a part we could give to an engineer, 

and by simply attaching the battery the tool comes to life.

Now at by placing the magnet it the tip of the sensor,

 the voltmeter will report the angle change as the magnet spins.  

The Designer will be able to notice 

     - The wide sense gap

     - The off axis operation  

     - The ability to sense though non-ferrous materials

     - The ease of use and installation.

We look forward to your ideas

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