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Available Outputs

 ANALOG - Voltage 

ANALOG -  Current 



MODBUS via RS-485,422,232, or USB

CAN, J1939  

Custom Devices on Request

Easiest to Install


Install Magnet Holder

Install Magnet holder in a 1/4-20 tapped hole 

in the end of shaft to be monitored

Install Encoder

 Mount Proxencoder aligned over magnet 

Gap & Alignment is not critical

3-5 mm is normal Magnet gap

Eyeball Alignment

Connect Encoder Electronics to Host

Apply Power and make data connections


Joral & ProxEncoder Sensors

We Design Creative Sensors - So You Can Design Creative Machines


Customization is our specialty at Joral LLC, ProxEncoder sensors are built to order, and engineered to function as you desire. Joral will custom design your hardware or software to maximize your solution. 

An Encoder Maximized for the Task at Hand


The control environment is a nasty place - water - oil - shock and  vibration - you must design the solutions to these issues into the sensor, not just add them on at the end.  ProxEncoder is totally encapsulated in epoxy - IP69K - Mil Spec for Shock and Vibration - Able to function submerged in water or oil.

Magic of the Magnets - US Pat # 9018943 and US Pat # 8294457


"A rotary magnetic encoder assembly of non-contact or “contactless” construction having an internally disposed first exciter or sensor magnet magnetically coupled to an externally disposed second application or drive magnet attached to an encoder shaft that rotates the sensor magnet substantially in unison during encoder shaft rotation."   US Pat # 9018943

ProxEncoder In Motion

The ProxEncoder True Non-Contact Rotary Position Sensor, is able to sense the angular position of a magnet from up to 1/2 inch away. 

Sense range like a Linear Proximity Switch -  Output like a Rotary Encoder.

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ProxEncoder Non-Contact Difference

Joral's ProxEncoder  is covered by two USPTO patents on the TRUE Non-Contact Angle Sensing. The Application Magnet is mounted on the rotating equipment.  The ProxEncoder  Non-Contact Sensor is placed in alignment with the Application Magnet. Flux lines from the Application Magnet attach to the encoder moving magnet and cause it to align with the moving magnet inside the ProxEncoder  Sensor. The ProxEncoder  Non-Contact sensor then reports the actual angle of the Application magnet via the selected Output Format.

The Future of ProxEncoder

ProxEncoder is just the start of a whole line of encoders, designed as a universal solution for engineers all over the world, to make sensing and installation simple, easy, customizable, and consistent.

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